Alterega supports ethical and responsible business conduct. Therefore, it upholds responsibility to be actively involved in such practices.

Employees’ interests

Alterega sees self-improvement as a core value. Company maintains an obligation to create conditions that allows self-improvement for all employees. These conditions must be preserved and constantly looked into for maintaining the most suited approach.

Positive working culture is to be maintained in the company. With an emphasizes toward inclusive and friendly working environment. Maintaining close relationship between management and employees is also to be prioritized.

Society’s interests

Alterega seeks positive development in the society. To support such changes partnerships with universities and colleges are being maintained via various projects. Additionally, financial support is provided to non-state child care homes.

Environmental interests

Alterega is to invest in choices that favor environmental sustainability. Materials that can be recycled are to be so. Byproducts, if possible, are to be recycled or provided to third parties which can use them in an environmental friendly way.